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Sports Guard

Sports Guard custom made by Dr Patricia HunterIt is estimated that millions of teeth are lost annually across North America during sporting activities. These injuries can occur at any age. When one considers that a single tooth can cost thousands of dollars to replace over a personĂ­s lifetime, a well-engineered mouth guard is very affordable. Custom-made by Dr. Hunter, Sports-Flex mouth guards represent a revolutionary new development in face, neck and head protection.

Bruxing Guard

A night guard or bite plate (also called an occlusal splint) is made of clear plastic. It fits over the biting surface of the teeth, so that you bite against the splint rather than your teeth. This helps your jaw joints and muscles to relax. Depending on your TMD, your dentist may tell you to wear a splint 24 hours a day, only at night or for some length of time in between.