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First Visit

On your first visit to Dr. Hunter’s office we give you a thorough examination to establish the current state of your dental health. We then take the needed X-ray pictures. If necessary, we do other procedures such as taking study models and digital photographs to give us a more complete picture of the condition of your mouth. These procedures help us to assess your situation in a number of ways.

Visual Examination

  • Teeth are examined for cavities, and leaks or breaks in existing fillings
  • Gum condition is assessed for signs of bleeding, infection, recession or pocketing
  • Soft tissue in the tongue, cheeks, lips and palate are examined to ensure health of these structures


X-ray pictures reveal changes not seen visually, such as tooth decay, jaw or gum infections, missing or extra teeth, and in the case of children, the development of new teeth.

X-ray pictures from within the last two years can be useful to us.  Our office will be glad

From this examination, Dr. Hunter will formulate a diagnosis, which we then discuss with you. We’ll work out a treatment plan for you, along with any alternatives, and discuss the cost involved.

Please contact us to arrange your first visit with our friendly staff!