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Customer Reviews

Wonderful as usual


Reena is excellent dental hygienist


Fantastic, great, professional


My family and I have been seeing Dr. Hunter for a number of years and we feel that she and her staff give great care and give good advice in helping us with our individual dental issues.


Dr Hunter,  in the past I suffered at the hands of a few dentists. It was my lucky day when I found your  practice and my luck has held all these years I have known you. Thank-you.


Thank you for your consideration. Above and beyond the call of duty!”


Again you were able to perform a miracle and make my teeth look wonderful again. I so appreciate your talent and expertise but I am also both touched and impressed by your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to my care and comfort. You understand the needs of your patients and I think that you are an outstanding doctor. Thank you for all the hard work and meticulous attention to detail, it has meant a great deal to me


Thanks for all the fun and welcome Joni, It’s always a pleasure coming to the Dentist and my family and I appreciate Trisha so very much and her awesome team. We miss Taz and happy she is still staying close.. please give her our best. Reena is so thoughtful and lots of fun, Joni is a gift and Trisha… is the only dentist I would trust with my family. Come the time Trisha retires all I ask is that recommendations towards a Dentist with equal warmth and brilliance is maintained.  I trust your judgement Trisha, you’ve always looked after my family and extended family, friends, and more.. I have no problem continuing to send friends to be taken care of by you too.  Thank you always for everything. Keep up the good work and amazing dentistry brilliance, education that you share with all your patients.  We are lucky to have you Trisha!  Thank you for maintaining an equally amazing team!

Judi Merrell & Family

I am extremely happy with my visits and feel that Dr. Hunter encourages and empowers her staff to do their utmost to help the patients!  Thank you all.  Joni and Reena are so very pleasant and know what they are doing.  I think I found the best hygienist  in the city!


Thanks for all the beautiful teeth.

Jeff Clark

Just thought this was a good time to let know how much I appreciate the kind of work you do, and the consideration you show for your patients.


The gold work you did for me, way back then, is still very much appreciated by myself, my hygienist and dentist in West Kelowna!!


I wanted to thank you again for the kind way you helped me with my tooth extraction this morning. Even tho your expert opinion was for me to have a root canal etc to keep my tooth, you still were very respectful to me & I’d recommend you as a kind & thoughtful dentist. I plan to return when I need a check up or cleaning.


You guys are fantastic!


Excellent as always.


Had a great visit and will come back again.


Very satisfactory, as always.


I’ve been living in Canada close to 16 years and since I meet Dr. Hunter true my sister I never tried in finding or look out for another dentist as, Dr. Hunter is the best, you always gave me confidence. Thank you Dr. Hunter for invested your time on me you are the best, I appreciate very much your care and patience with me you have excellent service in everything God Bless you always and always.


I found all the staff very friendly and approachable, and Joni was very pleasant to deal with on the phone.

Danielle Cosco

It is always a pleasure to come to Dr. Hunter’s office. She is always so gracious and professional. THis time I brought a guest with me , Yukari Ogura, and Dr Hunter as well as Dr Lo allowed her to look around. Your kindness is really appreciated.

Alnoor Tejpar

As a new patient without dental insurance, I am very pleased that you and your staff made my cost concerns your own. When I did have 50 to 80% dental coverage in the past and was a patient with other dentists, it was often too obvious that many dentists were treating “the plan” and not the patient. Your hygienist definitely had noticeably gentle hands – it was a pleasure not to flinch in sudden pain. It is great to have access to a lower cost dental club clinic for some procedures.

Shirley Mah